Rehearsal Day 6 – United Kingdom

The United Kingdom aren’t going into Eurovision with a potential winner this year, but this is absolutely a fun performance that will get the audience going, both in the arena and at home. The staging features big props, namely two big trumpets. They are suspended from the ceiling, and are lowered down during the performance. James is standing on a circular platform between the trumpets. Towards the first chorus, four backing dancers with instruments appear on stage, and they continue to provide the energy to the stage performance.

As you would expect, the stage colours are ember related colours, but it’s not completely stuck on red for the entire three minutes. The backing dancers are wearing white to match the trumpets, while James is in a full black outfit.

The first broadcasted run through we saw, James didn’t totally seem comfortable on stage. His vocals suffered because of that, but in the final run through, we saw his confidence grow and his vocals were significantly better. This is a really fun performance, but it still quite difficult to say where it will place. What feels certain is that if UK draws the first half, they will probably open the show, and they are likely to close should they draw second half. This is an energetic way to either start, or conclude the Eurovision final this year.