Italy Storms the Televote, France Consistent Across the Voting

Italy proved to be a hit among televoters, but also fared well in the jury vote, ultimately leading to their success at the contest. France was also consistent, finishing in the Top 3 with the public and jury votes.

Italy’s win at Eurovision this year was helped along by a strong televote, which saw them achieve 318 points. With 51 points less, fan favourite Ukraine achieved 2nd place in the televote with 267 points. France, Finland and Iceland rounded out the Top 5 in the televote.

The jury votes varied, with Switzerland leading the jury vote with 267 points. Following closely behind was France with 248 points. Malta, Italy and Iceland rounded out the Top 5 in the jury votes.

Some of the biggest discrepancies included Malta, who prior to the contest were tipped to win. While Destiny topped the first semi-final with a strong televote, she struggled to amass votes in the Grand Final. Malta finished down in 14th place in the televote, but their strong jury vote pushed Malta into the Top 10. While it’s a respectable result for Malta this year, it may still be disappointing for the Maltese team, who went into the contest as hot favourites.

Portugal also gave a surprise result, with the juries placing Portugal in 7th place. Unfortunately, their televote was much lower, finishing in 19th. Overall, the nation finished in 12th place, and considering Portugal was not tipped to even qualify, this is a great result for the nation.

Bulgaria was another nation that came into the competition hot, but really struggled to capture the attention of the viewers. A stronger jury vote helped Bulgaria achieve 11th place overall.

Some of the biggest surprises of the voting included San Marino, who were tipped to receive a strong televote. In fact, San Marino achieved a higher jury vote than televote. Incredibly, four of this year’s finalists received zero points in the televote. Those nations included the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and host nation The Netherlands. While Italy and France excelled this year, it was unfortunately a disappointing showing from the remainder of the Big 5.

Here are the full results:

  1. Italy – 524 points
  2. France – 499 points
  3. Switzerland – 432 points
  4. Iceland – 378 points
  5. Ukraine – 364 points
  6. Finland – 301 points
  7. Malta – 255 points
  8. Lithuania – 220 points
  9. Russia – 204 points
  10. Greece – 170 points
  11. Bulgaria – 170 points
  12. Portugal – 153 points
  13. Moldova – 115 points
  14. Sweden – 109 points
  15. Serbia – 102 points
  16. Cyprus – 94 points
  17. Israel – 93 points
  18. Norway – 75 points
  19. Belgium – 74 points
  20. Azerbaijan – 65 points
  21. Albania – 57 points
  22. San Marino – 50 points
  23. The Netherlands – 11 points
  24. Spain – 6 points
  25. Germany – 3 points
  26. United Kingdom – 0 points

Here are the split results: