‘Una Voce per San Marino’ to select Eurovision 2022 Entry

San Marino will opt for a national selection to select their next Eurovision act. ‘Una Voce per San Marino’ will kick off in December and will be held over a number of months.

The Sammarinese Secretary of State for Tourism and Director of the Tourist Office revealed that an extensive selection will be used to select the next Eurovision entry. At this stage, there are no additional details on the format, however we do know that it will start before the end of the year.

San Marino has held a national selection just once during their Eurovision history, and that was in 2018. A format titled 1in360 was used to select the nation’s representative and song. It was open to singers from across the world, and concluded with a live final hosted in Slovakia. The winner of the selection was Jessika, who performed the song ‘Who We Are’ alongside Jenifer Brening. The song failed to reach the final, finishing in 17th place with 28 points.