Release Radar: Best New Tracks of 2021 So Far!

With countless Eurovision and National Final stars releasing music throughout the year, it’s inevitable that we will be introduced to some musical gems. This year is certainly no exception! We searched through hundreds of new releases to find the best of the year thus far and hopefully, you will enjoy these tracks as much as we do!

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Engel, Ikke Dra – TIX

While TIX is predominately known for his party music, his latest release proves that there’s more to the bubbly personality we came to love over the Eurovision season. Engel, Ikke Dra is dedicated to one of his biggest fans, Aurora, who unfortunately passed away. After messages from her friends, TIX travelled to her funeral to pay respects, and later on, debuted this song to her family and friends on the television programme, Haik. This is an emotion-packed song that really has the ability to pull at the heartstrings, even without knowing the context of the song.


Stars – Duncan Laurence

We were first introduced to this stunning song in the Eurovision Grand Final this year, and it has stood out ever since. First and foremost, we have to acknowledge the incredible vocals. This is such a beautiful song to really showcase his tone and range. The melody is stunning, and backed with minimal instrumentation at the beginning really helps the song to grow. This is the type of song where you can close your eyes and feel totally immersed. Absolutely stunning.


Somebody Else Now – Daði Freyr

It’s crazy to think that anything could top the masterpieces that were Think About Things and 10 Years, but this new track from Daði Freyr proves that the best is yet to come. The addition of Gagnamagnið in his Eurovision trilogy added an extra layer of fun and memorability; however, this solo track shows a different side to the quirky artist. Daði is spot on with the melodies and the vocals and as a result, it’s very easy to fall completely in love with this song. Also an honourable mention for this wacky, yet inspired music video!

Barnasinnet – Benjamin Ingrosso

Look, I won’t lie – I’m a bit of a Benjamin Ingrosso superfan, but hear me out! If you haven’t yet heard this song, you may expect a super contemporary pop number, but Barnasinnet takes us down a different route. While still pop, this track is much more organic. The Swedish language is obviously a big drawcard, but there’s something so special about the melodies in this song. The chorus hits straight to the soul, and while you may not pick up the lyrics on first listen, the melody will stick with you. If this song tickles your fancy, you will be pleased to know that he has released two Swedish language albums this year packed with songs in this relaxed, almost folky pop style.

Loti – Elvana Gjata

It’s been well over a year since Elvana Gjata was robbed of her Eurovision experience (prior to COVID-19 robbing us all of our Eurovision experience), and we are still not over it. Me Tana was an absolute pop masterpiece, so it’s understandable that we are watching Elvana with a close eye. Her latest release isn’t as upbeat as Me Tana, but still shows off the incredible vocals. While the song is incredibly contemporary, especially in its beat, the melodies give a traditional, ethnic feel. This is the winning formula. Get this girl to Eurovision, asap!

I Wanna Be Your Slave – Måneskin

There’s a big chance you’ve heard this song already as its amassed over 106 million streams on Spotify, but it’s certainly still worth the mention. The punchy drum beat catches your attention immediately, and Damiano’s unique vocal tone continues to impress. While we continue to love their Italian language tunes, including their Eurovision winner Zitti e Buoni, they are appealing to new audiences with the few English language gems across their multiple albums. Regardless of the language, their style remains totally authentic, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Pretty – Robin Stjernberg

It has been a few years since we’ve heard from Robin Stjernberg, but he has come back swinging! Let’s hope that this new release is the first of many more, because this is a stellar track. His vocals really shine in this song, where the instrumentation provides a subtle backdrop, particularly through the first verse. The tinkering piano is stunning, and the addition of the strings is a no-brainer. My only issue with this song is that it ends too soon!


Du Gør Det Godt – Basim

Eurovision fans would remember Basim for his cliché love song (quite literally), but since Eurovision, his style has considerably changed. Basim has embraced his roots, and it is evident through his music. The middle-eastern beats are core to his post-Eurovision music, and that is no exception for his latest release, Du Gør Det Godt. The beat is incredibly catchy, and the pre-choruses are an unlikely hero of the song. Du Gør Det Godt is the perfect feel-good, summertime tune.

5 Minutter – Aleksander Walmann

It’s easy to associate Aleksander Walmann with JOWST thanks to their catchy discography together, but this time, we have to appreciate the solo act. Well, maybe not solo, as Agnes Stock also sings on this stunning track. A striking piano track forms the backbone of the song, however it’s easy to forget when we are listening to the voices of literal angels. Easily one of the most beautiful songs of the year thus far.

Alla Ba OUFF – Omar Rudberg

Since going solo, Omar has managed to release hit after hit. La Mesa? Banger. Que Pasa? Total banger. Omar is continuing with the Latin theme to his music with his latest release, Alla Ba OUFF and we aren’t mad about it. His voice really suits this style, and the result is yet another banger. This is such a catchy pop number that deserves huge love.

Deymez – Chingiz Mustafayev

This is a track unlike any others in this list, but it definitely deserves the spotlight. Many of us would remember Chingiz for his interpretation of the catchy pop song, Truth, but the truth is, we much prefer Chingiz in a more traditional form. Deymez is everything I would want from an Azeri Eurovision song. Everything about this is authentic, the vocal delivery to the instrumentation. I will never understand why Azerbaijan prefers to outsource their songwriting duties when they have so much talent within.

Message – Gaia Cauchi

The former Junior Eurovision winner is proving that her vocals have not dimmed since all those years ago. The soulful tones we loved at Junior Eurovision are still at the forefront of her music but understandably, her music has found a new level of maturity. Her latest release, Message is a powerful anthem that really showcases her vocals. While we love the entire song, there are some notes Gaia hits in this song that are pure fire.

Ma Stasera – Marco Mengoni

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard a solo single from Marco Mengoni, but we’re glad to hear his voice again. His latest single Ma Stasera has a retro disco feel about it, but doesn’t feel out of place from his more recent releases. The chorus is super catchy, and the song as a whole gives off ‘summer radio hit’ vibes. Let’s hope we soon hear more from the iconic Italian artist!

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