17 Cities Submit Candidacy for Eurovision Host City

It has now been confirmed that a total of 17 cities and Regions have submitted their candidacy to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022.

Who will host the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest? The host city must meet the criteria set by the EBU, with some of the important criteria listed below:

  • The host city must have an international airport no more than 90 minutes from the city
  • Over 2,000 hotel rooms must be available in the area close to the event
  • There must be infrastructure to host the event, which sets out the following criteria:
    • Be indoors with air-conditioning and have a well-defined perimeter;
    • Have an audience capacity in the main hall of around 8,000 – 10,000 during the event (which corresponds to 70% of maximum capacity of that venue for regular concerts, taking into consideration the specific stage and production needs of the Eurovision Song Contest);
    • Have a main hall with the capacity to house the set and all other requirements needed to produce a high-level broadcast production (this includes good specifications of load capacity in the roof, clearance to low beams, easy load in access, etc);
    • Have ample space within easy access of the main hall to support additional production needs, such as: a press centre, delegation spaces, dressing rooms, artist facilities, staff facilities, hospitality, audience facilities, etc;
    • Be available exclusively for 6 weeks before the event, 2 weeks during the show (which will take place in May) and a week after the end of the event for dismantling.

The host cities will also have the ability to financially support the costs of hosting the contest.

From the 14th of July, host broadcaster RAI will deliver the bid books to the candidate cities, and they will have until the 4th of August to submit those books. Here are the cities hoping to host next year’s contest:

  • Acireale (Catania)
  • Alessandria
  • Bertinoro di Romagna (Forlì – Cesena)
  • Bologna
  • Florence
  • Genoa
  • Jesolo (Venice)
  • Matera
  • Milan
  • Palazzolo Acreide (Syracuse)
  • Pesaro
  • Rimini
  • Rome
  • Sanremo (Imperia)
  • Turin
  • Trieste
  • Viterbo