EuroRevision Quiz: How well do you know Eurovision 1966?

How well do you know the history of Eurovision? In our EuroRevision series, we aim to put the spotlight back on the early years of Eurovision, journeying through until we reach the current contest.

Today our quiz revolves around the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest, so test your knowledge below!  Catch up on our EuroRevision post all about Eurovision 1966, here.

Who hosted Eurovision 1966?
Josiane Shen
Jos Pauly
Clifford Brown
Which two nations finished in equal last place with nul points?
Italy and Monaco
Finland and Germany
France and Portugal
The Yugoslav entry for Eurovision 1966 was performed in which language?
Winning nation Austria performed from which place in the running order?
How were Les Haricots Rouges involved in Eurovision 1966?  
They were the interval act
They represented France
They announced the jury votes from Switzerland
Which of the following statements is true?
Dutch representative Milly Scott was the first in Eurovision history to use a portable microphone
The Swiss entry was performed in a mix of French and Italian
Winner Udo Jürgens previously participated in 1958 and 1963
The language rule was introduced in 1966, where nations could perform only in national languages used in that nation. This rule was possibly in response to which nation singing in English the year prior?  
The EBU reluctantly allowed Italian representative Domenico Modugno to do what?
To use his own musical ensemble rather than the orchestra
To change his entry one week before the contest
To sing multiple lines of his song in English
How many nations performed their entries in French?
5 nations
4 nations
2 nations
Which two nations opened and closed the show in the running order?
Germany and United Kingdom
Belgium and Ireland
Yugoslavia and Monaco