Think About Things (Results Edition) – Estonia

It’s the time of year when the Post-Eurovision depression is in full swing, but there’s no better cure than to reminisce! Together with ESCDaily Editor, Dennis Van Eersel, we will be discussing each of this year’s competing nations – from their results to how we think they could improve in the future!


Predictions, Personal Scores and Results


Prediction: Non-Qualifier

Personal Score: 3


Prediction: Non-Qualifier

Personal Score: 3

Results: 13th place, Semi-Final

Did Estonia live up to expectations? 

A: Sadly, yes. The bar was set very low for Estonia this year, and they managed to achieve what we expected. I actually think finishing 13th in a field of 17 was an achievement given the song choice this year. Beyond that, the staging was uninspiring, and the running order did Estonia no favours. The vocal performance was decent enough, but as a whole package seriously lacked some oomph.

D: For me it was expected that Estonia would not make it to the final of Eurovision 2021. I was surprised to see the bookmakers having them so close to qualification, sometimes even on the 10th spot during rehearsal weeks. In the end, Uku didn’t qualify and that was what was being expected by many.


How do you personally feel about the song for Estonia at Eurovision 2021?

A: I personally think that there was a bit of bias in the Eesti Laul selection this year, with the 2020 winner Uku Suviste not given the direct ticket. I don’t know that he won in 2021 on pure merit, but rather as more of a consolation for missing last year’s contest. There were better songs in the selection. I never really enjoyed this song, before or after Eurovision. It was just way too bland to make an impact at the contest.

D: I felt this song was a rather uninspiring copy of the 2020 song by Uku, staging and composition wise. I was surprised it was the big favourite to win Eesti Laul and that it actually did it, since the 2020 entry also wasn’t very strong. I think there were better options and Estonia has also given us much better songs in the past, so overall this was one of the weaker entries of 2021 for me.

Could Estonia have done anything different?

A: Apart from the obvious of selecting a different song, I think Estonia could have at least improved on the staging of the entry. It was just so forgettable. To be fair, I can’t exactly think of a better way to stage the song. The song on its own was bland, and I don’t know that much could have saved it.

D: Estonia dropped some of their props and additional features of their act in Rotterdam. A strange move, because the song needed these additions to stand out and without it, it completely went by unnoticed. So, that is something they could have done differently with this song and artist. The main problem though remained this song and the artist and Estonia should have made another choice to have a chance at success in Rotterdam.

What can Estonia do to ensure success in future years?

D: It always seems to be hit or miss for Estonia, right? Either they make it to the final impressively and as a clear finalist, or they straight fail to qualify. It is the risk with the way they are selecting their Eurovision entry, they fully depend on the quality of the songs being applied to them in the Eesti Laul selection process. Maybe the broadcaster should get a stronger say and control in this song selection process.

A: I don’t think Eesti Laul is a bad selection process by any means, but yes, it does depend on what’s submitted in each given year. I personally think that a lot of the individuality and uniqueness we used to see at Eesti Laul has faded slightly, and recently the nation has relied on ‘safe’ entries. It’s time to shake things up again and send something a little more risky.


Which was better, the live-on-tape performance or the actual performance?

D: It was a bit lead for old iron to me. Both performances would not have been good enough to qualify. In the back-up tape they stayed more true to the winning Eesti Laul formula with more props and storyline in the performance. So I would go with that performance as the stronger one

A: We don’t need a crystal ball to see that Estonia was never going to qualify this year. Even with their Eesti Laul performance as the back-up tape, it doesn’t change the quality of the song. The back-up tape did feature more props, so yes, a little bit more interest, but overall, it’s much the same.