Eurovision Throwback: Firelight – Coming Home

In my annual Eurovision binge, I returned to one of my staples – Eurovision 2014. The contest had a strong selection of songs, and while there were few that screamed ‘winner’, there were many I knew I’d enjoy years later. Now that we are years later, I can confirm that it wasn’t just nostalgia acting as rose-coloured glasses, but rather just good quality songs that have stood the test of time. One of the highlights is a song that I think might have been forgotten by many – Coming Home.

Malta is hit or miss at Eurovision, however in 2014 managed to just scrape into the final. Firelight represented the nation with the song Coming Home. It was a family affair, with four of the six members of the group related to one another. They really managed to capture that atmosphere on stage too, aided by the staging choice to feature pictures sent in by fans on the backing screens.

The song itself is one of my highlights from Eurovision 2014. In normal circumstances, I would never actively choose to listen to this style of music, but this song ticks all the boxes for me. The fast-paced guitars engage you straight away, and the vocals further reel you in. Lead singer Richard had attempted to represent Malta numerous times, but always fell short. I’m glad that this was the song he succeeded with, as I think his voice really suits this country-folk style. The vocals are perfectly backed by Michelle, and overall, there’s a really wholesome feel about the song and performance. The chorus has a very full sound, showing such a strong harmony between band members.

The visual performance was great as well, and considering the stage design, the group did well to create a complete visual package. I love the stage floor LED images, and the projection of photos. Richard and Michelle engage incredibly well with the camera, which also aids in connecting with the audience.

Considering it’s been 7 years since this performance, I think it’s aged incredibly well. I’d even go as far to say that I enjoy this more now than what I did at the time. This is such a feel-good entry that is performed incredibly well. With that said, I think 23rd place in the final wasn’t high enough. This song is certainly one of my favourite Maltese entries at Eurovision, and I think it deserves a 10/10.


Year: 2014

Country: Malta

Artist: Firelight

Song: Coming Home

Final Ranking:  23rd in the final