Tatyana Mezhentseva Returns to Junior Eurovision

Tatyana Mezhentseva will represent Russia at Junior Eurovision this year. She won the National Final with her song ‘Mon Ami’.

Fans will recognise Tatyana, as she represented Russia back in 2019 alongside Denberel Oorzhak. Together, they performed ‘A Time For Us’.

A total of 12 acts competed in the National Final, with a mix of jury and televote deciding the winner.

Here are the finalists:

  • Andrey Dobryshev – “100 dorog” (100 roads)
  • Liza Trofimova – “Zachet” (Offset)
  • Lol & Pop – “Tantsuy” (Dance)
  • Maria Gulevich – “Moy mir” (My world)
  • Murad Kushlaev – “Naivnaya” (Naive)
  • Nikita Varentsov – “7.40”
  • OCHECHI – “Siyay” (Shine)
  • Polina Etchik – “Vremya mechtat” (Time to dream)
  • Sofia Fomenko – “Hey Mom”
  • Tania Sania – “Zakruzhit” (Whirl)
  • Tatyana Mezhentseva – “Mon ami” (My friend)
  • Yulia Favrilova – “Moyo imya lyubov” (My name is love)

Tatyana held the highest televote percentage with 18.68%. With the scores combined, Tatyana received enough points to win the competition. She will represent Russia with the song Mon Ami.