The Wishlist: Our Dream Melodifestivalen (Part 4)

The Swedish Eurovision selection Melodifestivalen is a staple in the Eurovision bubble, with the announcement of the participants always an exciting time of year. In the lead up to the announcement for next year’s contest, we’ve picked out our dream Melodifestivalen, filled with 28 talented artists. Over four instalments, we will be revealing our Top 28 with the hopes that some of these artists make their return!

At the end of each instalment, there will be a poll for which artist you want to see return to the contest!

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Anton Ewald

Past Participation: 2013, 2014, 2021

We first saw Anton participate at Melodifestivalen in 2013 with the song Begging, which qualified through to the second chance round. Anton qualified into the final from the second chance round, and finished fourth overall.

He returned the following year with the song ‘Natural’ which qualified to the final, however finished 10th overall. It wasn’t until 2021 that he returned to the contest with the song ‘New Religion’ where he qualified to the final, and finished 11th overall.

Anton Hagman

Past Participation: 2017, 2019

Anton Hagman first participated at Melodifestivalen in 2017, in what would be his most memorable participation. He competed with the song ‘Kiss You Goodbye’ which is known for beating former Eurovision winner Loreen in the second chance round. In the final, he finished 10th overall.

He participated again in 2019 with the song ‘Känner dig’ however finished 6th in the semi-final, meaning he would not advance.


Past Participation: 2018, 2020, 2021

Dotter has become an audience and fan favourite at Melodifestivalen, with three participations under her belt. She made her debut in 2018 with the song ‘Cry’ and while she was a favourite to qualify, was unfortunately eliminated in the semi-final. The singer-songwriter returned in 2020 with the song ‘Bulletproof’, which qualified directly to the final. She finished in second place overall behind The Mamas with just one point difference.

Dotter returned to Melodifestivalen in 2021 with the song ‘Little Tot’. Once again, she qualified directly to the final. Overall, she finished in 4th place. Dotter has also written Melodifestivalen songs for other artists, including Mariette (A Million Years, 2017) and Lina Hedlund (Victorious, 2019).

Felix Sandman

Past Participation: 2018, 2020

Felix Sandman has participated at Melodifestivalen three times, however his first appearance was as part of the group FO&O. The group finished in 11th place in the final overall. As a soloist, he competed in 2018 with the song ‘Every Single Day’ which finished in second place behind Benjamin Ingrosso.

Felix returned in 2020 with the song ‘Boys With Emotions’. He qualified to the second chance round, and then qualified to the final where he finished in 7th place.  

Linus Svenning

Past Participation: 2014, 2015

For recent fans of Melodifestivalen, Linus Svenning may not be a familiar name, but we think it’s time for a comeback. Linus first participated in 2014 with the Swedish language song ‘Bröder’, where he qualified to the second chance round. He won his duel, meaning he would advance to the final. Overall, he finished in 5th.

The following year, Linus returned with an English language song, ‘Forever Starts Today’. Linus once again qualified to the second chance round, and qualified to the final. He finished in 6th place overall.


Past Participation: 2011, 2012, 2017

While Loreen has already reached the peak Melodifestivalen and Eurovision success, we definitely want to see a redemption participation after failing to reach the Melodifestivalen final in 2017. Her first participation was back in 2011 with the song ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’. Loreen made it to the second chance round, but failed to qualify to the final.

The following year, Loreen returned with ‘Euphoria’, which as we know, not only won Melodifestivalen but also Eurovision. Even to this day, the song is considered one of the best Eurovision entries!

Loreen returned in 2017 with the song ‘Statements’. She qualified to the second chance round, but ultimately lost her duel.


Past Participation: 2017, 2019

Nano made his Melodifestivalen debut in 2017 with the song ‘Hold On’. He was one of the favourites to win the competition, progressing directly to the final. In the final, he finished in second place after winning the televote and coming second in the jury vote.

The talented artist returned to the contest in 2019 with the song ‘Chasing Rivers’. He qualified to the second chance round and subsequently qualified to the final. Overall, Nano finished in 8th place.

Which of these artists would you most like to see return to Melodifestivalen?