We Are Domi to Represent Czech Republic with ‘Lights Off’

The Czech selection concludes, and we have our next Eurovision song! We Are Domi will fly the Czech flag at Eurovision next year with the song ‘Lights Off’

For this year’s selection, the seven competing acts recorded a live performance at the ČT studios in Prague. The voting for the selection was based on the live recordings, rather than music videos as in previous years.

The voting consisted of 50% international jury vote, 25% international public vote and 25% Czech public vote. The results are as follows:

  1. We Are Domi – “Lights Off” – 21 points (1st – Winner)
  2. GIUDI – “Jezinky” (Witch-maidens) – 15 points (3rd)
  3. Annabelle – “Runnin’ Out of F* Time” – 11 points (6th)
  4. Elis Mraz – “Imma Be” – 17 points (2nd)
  5. The Valentines – “Stay or Go” – 6 points (7th)
  6. Jordan Haj & Emma Smetana – “By Now” – 12 points (4th)
  7. Skywalker – “Way Down” – 12 points (4th)

We Are Domi won the international jury vote, with Elis Mraz in second and Annabelle in third. In the Czech public vote, Jordan Haj & Emma Smetana topped the vote, while the international public chose We Are Domi. With the points combined, We are Domi triumphed with 21 points.

Watch the winning performance below: