🇷🇸 Tijana Dapčević replaces Stefan Zdravković in Serbian Selection

Former Eurovision participant Tijana Dapčević is now in the Serbian line-up, with Stefan Zdravković withdrawing from the competition.

There is a change in the line-up for the Serbian selection, with former Macedonia Eurovision representative Tijana Dapčević joining the line-up. She will perform ‘Ljubi, Ljubi Doveka’. Stefan Zdravković was part of the original line-up with this song, however withdrew due to ‘inappropriate terms of preparation and realisation of the festival’.

The author of the entry, Leontina Vukomanović, selected Tijana as the new voice of the song. The lyrics of the song will be adapted to suit a female vocalist. This is in accordance with the rules of the broadcaster RTS stating that the songwriters are able to choose another performer if there are issues with the original performer.

Tijana Dapčević represented North Macedonia in 2014 with the song ‘To the Sky’. She unfortunately did not qualify for the final. Her younger sister, Tamara also participated at Eurovision on two occasions, 2008 and 2019