🇲🇰 North Macedonia: Six Participants For Eurosong 2022

North Macedonian broadcaster MRT unveiled the six participants of the upcoming Eurovision selection, Eurosong 2022.

The broadcaster received a total of 47 entries, and six of those will compete in the national final. Here are the entries:

  • Kalina Velkovska (Kaly) – “Love and Light”
  • Yon Idy – “Dreams”
  • Lara Ivanova – “Flower of Sorrow”
  • Viktor Apostolovski – “Superman”
  • Andrea Koevska – “Circles”
  • Boris Cvetanovski – “Flying to Berlin”

The selection format is similar to the Czech format, where the selection primarily takes place online. The broadcaster will record performances of all six acts, with the voting to be based on these performances.

The competing songs will be released on January 28th during Stisni Play on MRT 1 at 22:00 CET. After the program, public voting will open until the 4th of February. A mixture of jury voting (50%) and public voting (50%) will decide the next Macedonian Eurovision representative.