๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ X Factor Israel: Here are the Finalists!

The final four artists still in the running to represent Israel at Eurovision are now known. This year, Israel is using the X Factor franchise to select their Eurovision act.

The semi-final of the X Factor Israel is complete, with the four finalists decided. The semi-final was held across two rounds. In the first round, there were two duels to determine the three artists advancing to round two. In the second round, all three artists returned to perform again.

Here are the results of the duels:

Duel One

  • Michael Ben David โ€“ 89 points โ€“ Round 2
  • Sapir Saban โ€“ 86 points โ€“ Saved โ€“ Round 2

Duel Two

  • Shachar Adawi โ€“ 72 points โ€“ Knocked Out
  • Anna Stefani โ€“ 77 points โ€“ Round 2

In round two, Michael Ben David scored 54 points and secured his place in the final. Anna Stefani and Sapir Saban tied on 48 points, with the jury ultimately choosing to save Sapir.

Michael Ben David and Sapir Saban join Eli Huli and Inbal Bibi in the X Factor Final. One of these artists will represent Israel at Eurovision this year.

The competing songs will be heard on a special broadcast on Reshet 13 on January 30th. On February 3rd, a special program titled โ€˜Our Song for Eurovisionโ€™ will air on Reshet 13, where each singer will be allocated a song based on jury and public voting.

The final will take place on February 5th. There are two parts to the final. In the first part, the acts will perform a cover song, where one artist will be eliminated. In the second round, the three remaining artists will perform their potential song for Eurovision. Voting will consist of 50% audience voting, 25% judges and 25% professional committee.