🇫🇮 Eurovision Throwback: Waldo’s People – Lose Control

Looking back at the history of Finland at Eurovision, today’s throwback song is technically a finalist. This is despite the fact that Finland finished in 12th place in the semi-final, a position that usually leads to an early flight back home. Was the jury right to save ‘Lose Control’?

This is one of those entries that is simultaneously great and also terrible. The rap part of the song adds the edge to an otherwise fairly generic entry. The track is Melodifestivalen-eque, and for that reason you can see the appeal. Clearly, it was not appealing enough to reach the final on its own merits, instead, needed the jury to ‘save’ it from oblivion.

Vocally though, this performance is spectacular. The female vocalists in particular are incredible, belting out every note. It’s quite a high intensity song, essentially designed to belt vocals. With that in mind, it’s possible to see why the jury did choose to select this entry over North Macedonia who finished in 10th place.

The staging certainly wasn’t perfect, especially in terms of camera angles. The Russian Eurovision stage was just so insanely big that any longer or wider shots are inevitably going to make the acts seem tiny. The ‘fiery’ aspect of the performance added a lot of visual interest. However on many occasions, the fire was blocking the view of the singers or backing dancers.

Overall, I personally would have preferred North Macedonia as the qualifier, but I can see why the jury preferred this entry. In the scheme of things, this isn’t the worst entry Finland submitted to Eurovision over the years, but it also isn’t the best. The vocals can certainly be admired, however.

With all that said, I’m giving this a 6/10!


Year: 2009

Country: Finland

Artist: Waldo’s People

Song: Lose Control

Final Ranking:  25th in the Final