🇸🇮 First EMA Semi-Final Complete: Here are the Qualifiers!

A total of 10 acts competed in the first EMA semi-final in Slovenia, with just 6 advancing to the final. Melani Mekicar and Bojan Cvjetićanin hosted the semi-final.

Eight established artists competed alongside two of the EMA FREŠ qualifiers in the first semi-final. A jury selected three of the qualifiers, while the public selected another three.

Here are the competing acts:

Here are the qualifiers:

  • July Jones – “Girls Can Do Anything”
  • David Amaro – “Še vedno si lepa” (You are still beautiful)
  • Luma – “All In”
  • Stela Sofia – “Tu in zdaj” (Here and now)
  • Batista Cadillac – “Mim pravil” (My rules)
  • Manouche – “Si sama?” (Are you alone?)

The competition continues on the 12th of February, where the next acts will take to the stage in the hopes of advancing to the final.