🇸🇲 San Marino: Achille Lauro and Valerio Scanu among National Finalists

The 10 established artists competing in the Sammarinese national selection are now known. The line-up features past representative Miodio as well as Achille Lauro, who is fresh out of Sanremo this year.

‘Una Voce Per San Marino’ is the format for the nation’s Eurovision selection this year. The final will feature established artists alongside chosen participants from open auditions.

  • Achille Lauro
  • Alessandra Coli and DJ Burak Yeter
  • Blind
  • Cristina Ramos
  • Fabry & Labiuse feat. Miodio
  • Francesco Monte
  • Ivana Spagna
  • Matteo Faustini
  • Tony Cicco & Deshedus & Alberto Fortis
  • Valerio Scanu

Most notably on the line-up is Achille Lauro, who just participated in Italian song festival and Eurovision selection format, Sanremo. Former Sanremo winner Valerio Scanu also joins the line-up.

Eurovision fans will also recognise Miodio as the group that represented San Marino in the nation’s debut year at the contest, 2008. They performed their entry Complice, however finished last in the semi-final.

Here is the schedule for Una Voce Per San Marino:
  • Sunday 13 February: Semi-Final 1 – Emerging Artists
  • Monday 14 February: Semi-Final 2 – Emerging Artists
  • Tuesday 15 February: Semi-Final 3 – Emerging Artists
  • Wednesday 16 February: Semi-Final 4 – Sammarinese Artists
  • Thursday 17 February: Second Chance
  • Friday 18 February: Emerging Artists Final
  • Saturday 19 February: Grand Final

The first 6 shows will be held in the prestigious Teatro Titano, City of San Marino, while the Grand Final will take place in Teatro Nuovo in the nearby Sammarinese town of Dogana.

Former Eurovision representative Senhit will host the Grand Final alongside Jonathan Kashanian.