🇫🇮 Top 5 Eurovision Entries from Finland

We travelled through the Eurovision history books to find our Top 5 favourite tunes from Finland. With so many amazing songs to choose, from, here are the five that impressed us the most!

  1. Blind Channel – Dark Side (2021)

This is one of those cases where the song itself wasn’t one of my favourites, however the live performance really brought it to life. This was the burst of energy that Eurovision needed after the 2020 cancellation, and looking back now it’s easy to see why fans got behind this entry. It also provided Finland with a confidence boost, after the mediocre results of the years prior. This is definitely a stand out entry in their history, and proof that Finland can deliver incredible rock songs.

  1. Softengine – Something Better (2014)

I remember this being one of my clear favourites from the 2014 contest, and again, another demonstration of great rock music from Finland. The song was still very approachable for those who don’t like rock and matched with a strong live performance, Finland was bound for success at the contest. The song builds well, with the piano-led first verse leading into a heavier chorus. Such a powerful bridge too – there’s just so much to love within the three minutes!

  1. Laila Kinnunen – Valoa ikkunassa (1961)

We are turning the clocks right back to Finland’s debut entry at Eurovision, and in my opinion, one of the nation’s most beautiful songs. Once you push past the slightly chaotic orchestral intro, you are introduced to the beautiful vocals of Laila. The Finnish language is stunning in this track, as are the melodies. Laila truly knows how to weave emotion into the track with her vocal interpretation. An underrated gem.

  1. Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah (2006)

Would it be a Top 5 of Finland without mentioning their only win to date? It would be criminal not to mention this track – this is truly iconic. Prior to the contest, few would have believed that this would conquer, but the live performance was truly hard to beat. Naturally, it got a tick for the ‘novelty’ factor, but beyond the costumes and pyrotechnics was a genuinely good song. It’s catchy, memorable and yet still consumable for those who don’t necessary love this genre. The vocals were strong, even from behind the masks. Lordi’s win still acts as an inspiration and reminder that rock can be successful at Eurovision.

  1. Teräsbetoni – Missä Mihet Ratsastaa (2008)

There’s a strong nostalgic connection with this song, as 2008 was the first contest I had watched from start to finish. Rock is to Finland what bread is to butter. The nation just knows how to deliver a strong rock entry, and this is yet another demonstration of that. This is a punchy song with powerful drums and guitars, and powerful vocals. The Finnish language is a bonus, and even though I may not understand a word, I still manage to sing along with the chorus.

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