๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด Melodi Grand Prix Wildcard Chosen: Maria Mohn to the Final!

The Melodi Grand Prix final line-up is now complete, with Maria Mohn winning the wildcard ticket.

All non-qualifying acts from the semi-finals were given a second chance to reach the final over two rounds. In round one, the performances of the twelve non-qualifying artists were broadcast again. Four artists progressed from round one, and those artists faced the public vote once again this week.

Here are the second chance acts:

  • Mari Bรธlla โ€“ โ€œYour Lossโ€
  • Maria Mohn โ€“ โ€œFlyโ€
  • TrollfesT โ€“ โ€œDance Like a Pink Flamingoโ€
  • Kim Wigaard โ€“ โ€œLa melodiaโ€

Maria Mohn and TrollfesT progressed to the Gold Final, where Maria Mohn won the last spot in the Melodi Grand Prix final.

The final line-up is as follows:

  • Anna-Lisa Kumoji โ€“ Queen Bees
  • Christian Ingebrigtsen โ€“ Wonder of the World
  • Elsie Bay โ€“ Death of Us
  • Farida – Dangerous
  • Frode Vassel โ€“ Dangerous
  • Maria Mohn โ€“ โ€œFlyโ€
  • NorthKid โ€“ Someone
  • Oda Gondrosen โ€“ Hammer of Thor
  • Sofie Fjellvang โ€“ Made of Glass
  • Subwoolfer โ€“ Give That Wolf A Banana

The final takes place on the 19th of February, where the winner will go on to represent Norway at Eurovision this year.