🇸🇪 Sweden: Second Chance Semi-Final Groups Announced

The format of this year’s Swedish selection Melodifestivalen features a fifth semi-final, acting as a second chance round for the 3rd and 4th place participants from each semi-final. The competitors were split into two groups, with a total of four acts to progress to the final.

A total of eight songs will compete in the fifth Melodifestivalen semi-final. Here is the line-up:

Group 1:

  • Tone Sekelius – My Way
  • Alvaro Estrella – Suave
  • Danne StrÃ¥hed – Hallabaloo
  • Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power

Group 2:

  • Theoz – Som du vill
  • Lisa Miskovsky – Best to come
  • Lillasyster – Till our days are over
  • Cazzi Opeia – I can’t get enough

Two songs from each group will qualify to the final. The Melodifestivalen final will take place on March 12, where the winner will go on to represent Sweden at Eurovision this year.