🇸🇪 Cornelia Jakobs to Represent Sweden with ‘Hold Me Closer’

Melodifestivalen is complete, with the next Swedish Eurovision entrant decided. This year’s Melodifestivalen was hosted by former participant, Oscar Zia.

A total of 12 acts competed in the Melodifestivalen final, with the winner decided by a mix of 50% international jury and 50% public voting. Here are the competitors:

  • Klara Hammarström – Run To The Hills
  • Theoz – Som du vill
  • Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power
  • John Lundvik – Änglavakt
  • Tone Sekelius – My Way
  • Anders Bagge – Bigger Than The Universe
  • Robin Bengtsson – Innocent Love
  • Faith Kakembo – Freedom
  • LIAMOO – Bluffin
  • Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer
  • Cazzi Opeia – I can’t get enough
  • MEDINA – In i dimman

The juries awarded top points to Cornelia Jakobs, who received 76 points. LIAMOO wasn’t too far behind with 65 points. In third with the juries was Medina who received 53 points.

The public favoured Anders Bagge, who received 90 points. Cornelia received 70 points from the public, while Medina finished in third with the public with 56 points.

With the points combined, Cornelia Jakobs finished in first place with a total of 146 points. Anders Bagge finished in second with 121 points, while Medina finished in third with 109 points.

Watch the winning performance below: