🇬🇪 ‘Lock Me In, Lock Me Out’ – Listen to the Georgian Entry now!

Earlier in the Eurovision season, Georgian announced enigmatic group Circus Mircus as their representatives. Their entry ‘Lock Me In’ is out now.

The music video for ‘Lock Me In’ was set for release alongside the audio, however the group ultimately decided not to release the video in solidarity with events in Ukraine. The group stated,

‘Due to the war in Ukraine, we feel that it is not the right time to release our happy and colorful music video.

As per ESC guidelines, the submission deadline is near, so we decided to release only audio, while using the black background instead of the official music video footage, to express our share of solidarity towards our Ukrainian sisters and brothers.

We hope to post our music video in the near future, when these terrible events are over and our societies start getting back to normal.’

Listen to the entry below:

Who is Circus Mircus?

The identities of the members are not known, with the group releasing ambiguous statements about who they are. Upon their selection back in November, the group released the following statement,

‘Dear Earthlings,

This is a message from Circus Mircus.

We would like to inform you that according to the decision made by the Georgian Public Broadcaster, at the international song contest Eurovision, Georgia will be represented by Circus Mircus.

You ask, what is Circus Mircus?

It is a movement that brings together dozens of professionals from different fields to create an unprecedented audio-visual experience.

The cornerstone of their philosophy lies in the complete neglect of musical frameworks.

To talk to ‘Circus Mircus’ members and for further information, please email us.’

The staging team behind the Georgian entry is led by Emilia Sandkvist. Emilia is part of the Sacha Jean Baptiste group, who have worked with Georgia on various occasions. Emilia was also in charge of the staging of 2021 representative, Tornike Kipiani.