🇲🇹 Malta: Emma Muscat Changes Song for Eurovision

Emma Muscat will sing ‘I Am What I Am’ at Eurovision this year, after the team decided to change from their original entry, ‘Out of Sight’.

Malta held a national selection this year, with Emma Muscat triumphing with her song, ‘Out of Sight’. Since the national selection, there was speculation as to whether she would change her song for Eurovision. This is confirmed, with an internal search to find a new entry.

Watch the official video below:

The song was originally submitted into Swedish selection, Melodifestivalen however failed to make the cut. Dino Medanhodzic, Julie Aagaard and Stine Kinck wrote the entry, with Emma also credited as a songwriter.

This is not the first time that Malta selected a new Eurovision entry after a national final. In 2016, Ira Losco won the selection with ‘Chameleon’, which was later changed to ‘Walk On Water’.