Eurovision 2022 Reviews – Armenia

Armenia began their Eurovision journey strong, however in more recent years has struggled to find the same success. The nation last qualified in 2017, but hoping to change that is Rosa Linn who will perform ‘Snap’. 

Song and Vocals 

This is an interesting package for Armenia, and I wouldn’t have expected the nation to go down this route. Snap is a very radio-friendly track, however it is void of any cultural identity. This isn’t all that common for Armenia, who often opt for something that has more cultural flair. I don’t think this is something that would put the regular voters off, but for me personally I love hearing different languages, musical styles and instruments. 

With this aside, Snap is a decent track that shows a lot of promise within the first verse. Rosa Linn’s voice is beautiful, but it’s not until the end of the song that we get to hear the full range. The chorus is simple but catchy, and has the potential to stay in the minds of the voters. It definitely helps that this is closing the semi-final. 

While this is a nice folky song, I just find that it struggles to get out of first gear. The first 1-2 minute I enjoy, but beyond that I find myself with the urge to skip the remainder of the song. Perhaps in the live performance Rosa Linn can hold my attention for a little longer. From the pre-parties, it definitely seems that this is a possibility. She is quite a confident singer, which could appeal to the jury. 

Performance and Act 

I truly have no idea how Armenia will stage this entry. There are a lot of possibilities, from keeping it super simple to featuring big props. That’s the beauty of a track like this, is that it should be able to handle different styles, leaving less room for disaster. I am very curious to see how this looks! 


This is a nice entry that should be able to bring Armenia back to the final. I expect it to be well performed, and the running order should help the nation out. With that said, I am not sure how strong the support will be in the final, with other strong female-led alt-pop songs in contention. 



Song and Vocals

I haven’t heard a live performance of this song and I am very curious. ‘Snap’ is not the easiest song to perform, especially the final part of it. It is a radio friendly song in the sense that I can imagine it being played at several radio stations in Europe due to the fact that it fits so perfectly in what you are hearing nowadays. I get an ‘Of Monsters and Men’ vibe with it but for success it’s make or break with the live vocals. 

Performance and Act 

Armenia could go in all kinds of directions with staging this song. They can decide to let Rosa Linn carry the song all by herself and have some visuals to the story of the song behind her. They could also have her team up with band members, creating a singer-songwriter feeling in the performance. I think they should make that decision based on her experience (or lack of that) of doing live televised performances all by herself. 


Semi final one is being closed by a contemporary radio friendly song that has the potential to do a lot better than the fan community might think. If looks don’t deceive the non-fans, that will make up the majority of the votes, might fall for this cute song. For me, with this draw, it’s an easy qualifier and potentially a top-10 finisher with the right staging and live vocals.



Team Scores 

Steef: 8/10

Erik: 6.5/10

Josh: 8.5/10

Heath: 5.5/10

Kaitlin: 6/10

Selim: 4.5/10

Morena: 7.5/10

Average Score: 6.7/10

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