Eurovision 2022 Reviews – Denmark

Denmark boasts mixed results in Eurovision, with their last win back in 2013. Hoping to bring Denmark back to the final this year is the group Reddi, who will bring their appropriately named song, ‘The Show’. 

Song and Vocals 

The Danish national selection was again one that flew under the radar for me. The snippets didn’t make a huge splash, and already that didn’t seem like a great sign for the nation this year. Unfortunately for Denmark, I don’t know if this will make a big splash at Eurovision either. 

The track starts out as a ballad, from the first verse through to the first chorus. This sets up more of an emotional tone, and vocally it’s actually quite impressive. The song then takes a turn into a pop-rock tune with significantly more energy. As separate songs, I would have likely enjoyed them. I really don’t mind the ballad section of the song, and I also like the energy of the pop-rock element. It has a nostalgic element to it, and admittedly it’s quite catchy. Together, however, the combination makes this song sound incredibly dated. The cliche lyrics certainly don’t help in that department either… 

Performance and Act 

Again, the two separate parts of the song had appropriate staging in the national final. The slow moving cameras in the ballad section with dark lighting worked well. Naturally there’s a stark contrast with the pop-rock part of the song, with colours bursting and faster moving cameras. For Eurovision, I would expect something similar. Being a band, you would expect for them to be ‘playing’ their instruments, relying on the movement of the cameras to maintain the energy of the performance. 


As two separate songs, this is actually not bad. Together, I think the ballad intro leading into a more energetic pop-rock tune makes this just far too dated. This might be the burst of energy needed following Portugal and Croatia, however in terms of the quality itself I don’t think this is strong enough to qualify. I would be surprised if we see Denmark in the final. 



Song and Vocals

The Danish entry for 2022 starts as a ballad, but changes over to a rock song from a few decades ago. This makes the entry dated. There is nothing wrong with the vocals, but overall I see this as the weakest song in the field. 

Performance and Act 

The performance and build-up is as dated as this song is. Reddi make the best of it and they are sure enthusiastic and having fun, but the song fails to please me and I don’t see it making any impact on the big night.  


I am not wasting too many words on the Danish entry for Eurovision 2022. The song and performance are not doing it for me and it seems like Denmark is a candidate for the last place in the semi final with this entry.



Team Scores 

Steef: 2/10

Erik: 1/10

Josh: 4/10

Heath: 5/10

Kaitlin: 4.5/10

Selim: 3/10

Morena: 6/10

Average Score: 3.7/10

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