Eurovision 2022 Reviews – Greece

Greece found their stride in the early 2000’s, leading to their first win and a string of Top 10 results. In more recent years, the nation began to drop off the radar, with non-qualifiers and lower placing final results plaguing Greece. Hoping for success this year is Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord with her song, ‘Die Together’. 

Song and Vocals 

Greece made their return to the Top 10 last year with Stefania, and it seems that Greece will also secure their place in the Top 10 this year. Die Together is a simple but powerful song that will surely connect with viewers. 

The track begins without instrumentation, with Amanda’s voice leading the song. There’s quite heavy production on her voice, but yet it doesn’t feel obnoxious. That first verse ignites intrigue, as you want to know where the song is going. The lack of backing music also leads you to really focus on the lyrics, which are highly emotional. As the music starts setting in, the song starts to dramatically build. You start reaching a peak as the bridge approaches, and then it quietens back down for the bridge. The final moments of the song are explosive, and should this power come out in the live performance, this is going to be a spectacular moment. The selfish part of me wished that there were more ethnic elements to the track, but once with that aside, this is certainly one of the strongest acts Greece has sent in recent years. 

Performance and Act 

Amanda seems to be able to convey a lot of emotion through the song, and with that I think it would be ideal to have Amanda carry this song alone on stage. I would hope that the staging can capture the beautiful build of the song over the three minutes.


I have very high hopes for this track. I think Greece can easily make the Top 10 this year, but it will be interesting to hear this without the vocal production. 



Song and Vocals

This is as contemporary as it gets in the contest of 2022 and the Greek song might appeal to a young viewing and voting audience. I am curious to hear how they will let the auto tuned vocals sound in Amanda’s live performance. Also, to me, the lyrics are a bit ‘out there’ and harsh. But whether many people will pick up on that and be offended on first listen, I don’t think so.

Performance and Act 

I expect a modern presentation, fitting to the song by Amanda. Main focus shall be on her I think, a solo performance perhaps? A visual strong act like the Greeks had last year would not be fitting to this song. 


Greece is aiming for a young target audience with this song and style. I think it will serve them well as the televote could help them in getting another top-10 in a row. My only question marks surround the lyrics of the song and whether a jury will be offended by it and see it as a red flag. Also, if older jury members get on the bus for this genre is something which is interesting to see in May.



Team Scores 

Steef: 8/10

Erik: 7.5/10

Josh: 5/10

Heath: 7.5/10

Kaitlin: 8.5/10

Selim: 10/10

Morena: 9/10

Average Score: 8/10

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