Eurovision 2022 Reviews – Ireland

Ireland still remains the nation with the most Eurovision wins, however, they have not won the contest again since the 1990’s. Hoping to achieve success is Brooke who will sing ‘That’s Rich’ at the contest this year. 

Song and Vocals 

Ireland held a national final this year, and it’s safe to say that the quality of the entries met expectations. Sadly, those expectations were low. Out of the competing entries, ‘That’s Rich’ was perhaps the most contemporary of the selection, or at least had the most potential. The staging at the national final was a bit tacky, but in terms of vocals Brooke is more than capable. 

I think the main issue with this song is that it has too niche of a demographic. It’s always important to ask, ‘who will vote for this?’ and while it’s a nice song, it might only really catch the attention of younger audiences who can relate to the lyrical storyline. That being said, as it is an upbeat entry, the energy might reinvigorate audiences after a ballad heavy semi-final. 

In terms of the song, I enjoy the melody of the verses the most, as well as the cheekiness of the lyrics. The choruses are catchy, but the bridge is a bit messy. Brooke performs the song well, and I expect strong vocals at Eurovision. 

Performance and Act 

If we base the possibility of qualification off their national final performance, it’s certain that we won’t see Ireland in the final again. The nation isn’t always great at staging, so that makes me wonder whether we will see some improvements in the staging. If they can capture the youthfulness without making it cheap, that would give Ireland the best chances to qualify. 


Will Ireland make it, I’m not so sure. I think a lot will depend on the staging. This is the type of song that has potential to qualify not necessarily because it’s a fantastic song, but comparatively with the other competitors. I enjoy the song, but objectively it’s not the best of the field. 



Song and Vocals 

For me this is one of the more childish songs at Eurovision 2022 and I cannot say I fancy their chances with this. Vocally Brooke has improved throughout the season, which is a good thing. But overall the song is not going to do well in a competition I think.

Performance and Act 

The performance and act of Ireland is not working for me either, especially if Brooke and her team are dressed like a group of people who just got out of highschool, which clearly they didn’t. For me this makes it a visual mismatch of their song.


As has been the case in recent years, the chances of success for Ireland at Eurovision are very slim in 2022 again. The song, performance are weak and I don’t think any staging (like they had done greatly in 2018 for example) can save it from another non-qualification.



Team Scores 

Steef: 4/10

Erik: 1/10

Josh: 4/10

Heath: 3.5/10

Kaitlin: 3/10

Selim: 5/10

Morena: 6/10

Average Score: 4.2/10

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