Eurovision Throwback – Loïc Nottet – Rhythm Inside

Upon request, today’s Eurovision throwback takes us back to Eurovision 2015 where we saw Belgium achieve one of the best results in recent years. The representative was chosen through a national final, and as we know, it was Loïc Nottet who was selected. Unlike in previous years, the song was also chosen internally, and the result of that process was the song Rhythm Inside.

This entry signifies the renewed efforts of Belgium at Eurovision. Coming off a decade of fairly average results, with more often than not the songs failing to qualify to the final, there needed to be a turning point. We’ve seen a few nations recently reach that turning point, including neighbours The Netherlands, so it was encouraging to see this entry entered into Eurovision.

Rhythm Inside at that time was easily the most contemporary Belgian entry we had seen at Eurovision, and also within the context of the 2015 contest alongside the Latvian entry, Love Injected. To match the quality of the entry was a quality performer, and Loïc Nottet truly delivered on that front.

The performance of the song at Eurovision was flawless, and although it seemed simple with the monochromatic lighting, some serious thought went into the staging of the performance. The style of staging also allowed Loïc Nottet to vocally shine while also allowing his quirky stage presence to shine.

Overall, I think this entry is one that will be remembered for a long time simply due to the fact that it was a complete turning point for Belgium at Eurovision. Coming 4th in the final was huge validation for their efforts and it was completely justified, or even perhaps not high enough for an entry of that quality. This is also a personal favourite from recent years, and I think with everything combined, I’ll be giving this a 10/10!

Country Profile

Year: 2015

Country: Belgium

Artist: Loïc Nottet

Song: Rhythm Inside

Final Ranking: 4th in the Final