🇨🇿 Czech Republic Wins Eurovision Young Musicians 2022

Eurovision Young Musicians is complete, with Daniel Matejča winning the contest for the Czech Republic. This marks the nation’s first win at Eurovision Young Musicians, and their first win at any Eurovision contest since Eurovision Young Dancers in 2003.

After four years, Eurovision Young Musicians returned for its 20th edition. Participants aged between 12 and 21 performed at The Corum in Montpellier. Radio France hosted the event as part of the Festival de Musique Radio France Occitanie Montpellier. Judith Chaine and Vincent Delbushaye hosted the competition.

A total of 9 countries participated in the contest, including Austria and France who made their return. Five jurors determined the winner of the contest. The jury consisted of two members from France, one from Lithuania, Switzerland and Albania.

Here are the participants:

  1.  Croatia: Ivan Petrović-Poljak – Piano – Liszt: Piano Concerto No. 1 in E flat minor
  2.  France: Maxime Grizard – Cello – Dvorak: Concerto for violoncello
  3.  Poland: Milena Pioruńska – Violin – Wieniawski: Violin Concerto No. 2 in D minor
  4.  Germany: Philipp Schupelius – Cello – Tchaikovsky: Pezzo Capriccioso op.62
  5.  Austria: Alexander Svetnitsky-Ehrenreich – Clarinet – Carl Maria von Weber: Concerto No. 2 for clarinet in E flat major, 3rd movement “Alla Polacca”
  6.  Norway: Alma Serafin Kraggerud – Violin – Camille Saint-Saëns: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso op.28
  7.  Belgium: Thaïs Defoort – Cello – Elgar: Cello concerto in E minor op.85 1st movement
  8.  Sweden: Lukas Flink – Trombone – Tomasi: Trombone Concerto – 1st movement, Andante and Scherzo-Valse
  9.  Czech Republic: Daniel Matejča – Violin – Chostakovich: Violin Concerto No. 1 3rd and 4th movements Cadenza, Allegro con brio – Presto

Germany finished in second place, while Norway achieved third place.

As part of the prize, Daniel will now perform at the Festival de Musique Radio France Occitanie Montpellier in 2023.