๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ฟ David Charlin to Represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision

David Charlin will represent Kazakhstan at this yearโ€™s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The nation selected their act through the contest Baqytty Bala.

A total of 21 singers competed at Baqytty Bala, including international participants. The list also included former Spanish Junior Eurovision representative, Melani Garcia. A jury of music professionals assessed the competing artists, with the winner to go on to represent the nation at Junior Eurovision this year.

  1. Cristina-Maria Pantea (Romania)
  2. Aiaulym Sabyr (Kazakhstan)
  3. Elen Badalian (Armenia)
  4. Kamilia Sagimbai (Kazakhstan)
  5. Sagyn Omirbaiuly (Kazakhstan)
  6. Amina Zhapar (Kazakhstan)
  7. Milana Pak (Uzbekistan)
  8. David Charlin (Kazakhstan)
  9. Melani Garcia (Spain)
  10. Enlik Baizakh (Kazakhstan)
  11. Iasmin Aiupova (Kazakhstan)
  12. Yalki Saka (Turkey)
  13. Yuliya Max (Kazakhstan)
  14. Daniyar Duissenbekov (Kazakhstan)
  15. Akzharkyn Aiddsova (Kazakhstan)
  16. Sesil Alper (Bulgaria)
  17. Asylaiym Bolatkyzy (Kazakhstan)
  18. Zhanerke Abdrakhmanova (Kazakhstan)
  19. Zarva Uliana (Russia)
  20. Arustan Sherkhan (Kazakhstan)
  21. Julianna Kitova (Poland)

The competing entry for Kazakhstan will be released at a later date. This yearโ€™s Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Yerevan, Armenia.