🇸🇲 Una Voce Per San Marino returns in 2023

The search for the next Sammarinese Eurovision representative begins, with the full details of Una Voce Per San Marino revealed.

The format of the selection will remain similar to this year’s contest, in which Achille Lauro went on to represent the nation at Eurovision. The process begins with the Academy and Casting stage, which will be held between October 28th and January 27th. At this stage, a jury will select 60 or more artists to progress to the next round.

Following this stage, five semi-finals will take place in February. From these semi-finals, around 20 artists will progress to the Grand Final. One of the semi-finals will feature artists from San Marino, while the others are open to international artists. The fifth semi-final will be the second chance round.

The Grand Final will take place on February 25th at the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana. The winner is selected by a jury consisting of five people. Sammarinese broadcaster RTV will allocate two jurors, one is chosen by Segreteria di Stato and the remaining two by the production company.

Unlike in 2022, there will be no established artist section and no artists will be directly invited to the final. Instead, established artists may be invited to take part in the semi-finals.

Applications are open until January 20th. There are fees associated with entering the competition, with the cheapest fee for applications before September 29th, which will cost 100 Euro. Applications between October 1st and January 20th will cost 150 Euro. Applications from Sammarinese artists will cost 50 Euro before December 3rd.