🇧🇪 Belgium: More Details on National Selection Announced

Earlier in the season, Belgian broadcaster VRT announced that seven artists would compete to represent the nation at Eurovision this year. Each of the seven artists will compete with two entries, which will be revealed over five broadcasts. The Live Final will take place on January 14th, with a combination of jury and televoting used to select the Belgian entry.

From January 9th, each artist will present their two potential Eurovision entries in full. The artist will then choose which of their entries they will take forward to the live final. Here is the song reveal schedule:

  • January 9 – Episode One– Loredana
  • January 10 – Episode Two – Chérine & Hunter Falls
  • January 11 – Episode Three – Hunter Falls & Ameerah
  • January 12 – Episode Four – gala dragot & Gustaph
  • January 13 – Episode Five – Gustaph & The Starlings

The competing entries are as follows:

  • Ameerah – “The Carnival” / “Armageddon”
  • Chérine – “Ca m’ennuie pas” (It doesn’t bother me) / “Mon étoile” (My star)
  • gala dragot – “emotion ollie” / “t‘inquiète” (don’t worry)
  • Gustaph – “Because of You” / “The Nail”
  • Hunter Falls – “Home” / “Ooh La La”
  • Loredana – “I Dream in Colours” / “You Lift Me Up”
  • The Starlings – “Oceanside” / “Rollercoaster”

This marks the first time since 2016 that Belgium has used a national final to select their act.