🇧🇪 Gustaph to Represent Belgium at Eurovision!

Gustaph will represent Belgium in Liverpool this year, after winning the national selection. He will perform the song, ‘Because of You’.

Belgium held a national selection this year, with a total of seven artists in the running to represent the nation. Within the past week, each of the artists selected from two of their competing entries. The voting consisted of an expert jury and public voting. The jury consisted of 15 members, including four members who featured in the show:

  • Alexander Rybak – Winner of Eurovision 2009
  • Jérémie Makiese – Represented Belgium at Eurovision 2022
  • Laura Tesoro – Represented Belgium at Eurovision 2016
  • Nikkie de Jager – Host at Eurovision 2021

Here are the competing acts and songs:

  • Hunter Falls – “Ooh La La”
  • Chérine – “Ca m’ennuie pas”
  • The Starlings – “Rollercoaster”
  • Ameerah – “The Carnival”
  • Gustaph – “Because of You”
  • Gala Dragot – “T’inquiète”
  • Loredana – “You Lift Me Up”

Winning the jury vote was Gala Dragot, with 146 points. In second with the jury was Chérine with 145, and Gustaph was third with the jury votes.

The public awarded top points to The Starlings, with 183 points. Gustaph was second with 157 points, and Gala Dragot in third with 125 points.

With the points combined, Gustaph won the selection with 278 points, with The Starlings in second just one point behind. In third was Gala Dragot.

Watch the performance below: