Israel’s Golden Boy: It’s Nadav Guedj!

Earlier in the Eurovision national final season, Israel revealed that they would choose their act from the talent show ‘Rising Star.’ The winner of the show, Nadav Guedj, therefore will be given the opportunity to represent Israel at Eurovision 2015.

Four participants remained in the final of Rising Star – these were:

  • Sary Nachmias

  • Avia Shoshani

  • Nadav Guedj

  • Iki Levy & the Rasta Hebrew Men

The first battle was between Iki and Avia, where the public chose Iki Levy & the Rasta Hebrew Men. Then, the remaining two competed in their own battle, where Nadav won. The jury also put an act through, and they decided that Sary should continue to the last battle.The final battle was between Nadav Guedj, Sary Nachmias and Iki Levy. After all the battles, the winner was decided: Nadav is the rising star!

The 16 year old will be singing Golden Boy, written by Doron Medalie. The song will be released within the next few weeks!