Best of the Bunch: Portugal

Over the last 10 years, Portugal have sent a mixed bag of Eurovision songs – some achieving respectable results, while others failing to reach the final. Only once in the past decade has the nation missed Eurovision, back in 2013, citing financial difficulties as the reason for their short departure.

Let’s take a look at the performances of the last 10 years, and then we will let you decide which Portuguese song is the best of the bunch!

We’ll start back in 2006, where the girl group Nonstop performed the song Coisas de Nada. The group failed to qualify to the final, coming 19th in the semi-final with 26 points. Listen to the song here:

Now to 2007, where Sabrina sang the song Dança Conmigo. She also failed to qualify, however improved on their 2006 points score, with a total of 88 points, leading to 11th place in the semi-final.

Now to arguably one of the most popular Portuguese songs of the past 10 years. Vania Fernandes belted out the song Senhora do Mar, qualifying to the final with a huge 120 points, and then placing 13th in the final with 69 points. This is the best result Portugal has achieved in the past 10 years – is this the best Portuguese song in the last decade? Listen below and vote in the poll below:

In 2009, Flor-de-Lis represented Portugal with the song Todas as Ruas do Amor. The song qualified into the final, and received 57 points to end up in 15th place in the final.

Filipa Azevedo continued the success with her song Ha Dias Assim, which earned 43 points in the final, placing it at 18th. Listen to the ballad below:

Let’s look at 2011 – a more controversial act. Homens da Luta performed A Luta e Alegria. The song talks about the struggle for their voices to be heard – but after the semi-final, everyone in Europe had heard their voices! The song didn’t qualify, ending the lucky streak for Portugal. It came 18th in the semi-final with a total of 22 points, making it Portugal’s lowest scoring entry for the last decade.

In 2012, Portugal went back to their usual Eurovision formula, a Portuguese ballad sung by a beautiful woman! Filipa Sousa performed the song Vida Minha, however this song also failed to qualify, reaching 13th place in the semi-final with 39 points.

After their short break, Portugal was back in 2014, and back with a bang. Suzy brought the energy back to Portugal with the song Quero Ser Tua but just missed out on qualification – equalling their previous score of 39 and placing 11th in the semi-final.

And that leads us to 2015. Leonor Andrade was chosen as the Portuguese participant, hoping to bring the nation back to the finals. She will be singing Ha um Mar que nos Separa. You can watch the performance below:

Now it’s your turn – Vote in the poll below to let us know which Portuguese song from the last decade is your ultimate favourite!