Eurovision Throwback: Sebnem Paker – Dinle

Anita: Taking it back to the 90’s, we’re having a look at Sebnem Paker’s ethnic pop song ‘Dinle.’ Picking this song was always going to be interesting, because I know for a fact that Seth absolutely adores the song, and I can almost guarantee he will give it a 10/10. For me, I do enjoy the song, but I’m not in love with it. I’ve never really had a ‘Dinle’ appreciation moment where I’ve been desperate to listen to the song. It has only really been a song I’ve heard through others suggestions. The song has elements of which I absolutely love. I love hearing traditional sounds, and Turkey is really one of the masters of this in Eurovision. The traditional instruments are really enjoyable to listen to, so A+ for that! The vocals I could give or take. If it was someone else who had performed it, I wouldn’t miss Paker’s rendition. The way the song changes from a more ethnic feel to the pop influenced chorus is good, and by no means as clunky as Slovenia’s rock/folk transitions from 2010 (Don’t get me started…).

I better let Seth have a turn….

Seth: Yea, there’s no way in the world I’m going to give this song less than a 10/10, that’s for sure. I simply adore this song. In fact, it’s my favorite Eurovision entry of all times. I’m always a fan of Turkish music. I know Sebnem’s Eurovision song from 1996 and her NF entry in 1998 too, but this is really the best out of the bunch (though the NF entry in 1998 comes very close to the awesomeness of Dinle). It’s musically a masterpiece in my opinion. Vocally splendid and I simply love the lyrics. I think I will shut it for now and go back to Anita. Anita?

Anita: Now looking at the performance, I don’t really have much to say. It’s pretty standard. Having the musicians on stage with Sebnem is good, as you can see the traditional instruments as they are played in the song. Apart from that, I really don’t have much else to say, so ill hand it over to Seth again, who I’m sure will have more to say than I do!

Seth: I sure do have much more to say! The stage performance was humble in some ways. Those were different times, damn it. It is a bit out dated, given the fact performances at Eurovision these days are much more bombastic than in 1997. Her voice was the biggest draw for me the first time I heard it. So much power! Damn!

Anita: I neither love it nor hate it. I’m going to (somewhat controversially) give it a 5.5/10, and hope that Seth still wants to be friends with me!

Seth: I’m going to reconsider our friendship after that mark… Just kidding! I guess. Remember there’s no way I’ll give this lower than a 10/10? Still haven’t changed my mind, so duh, 10/10.

Total score out of 20: 15.5 /20

Song Profile

Year: 1997

Country: Turkey

Artist: Sebnem Paker

Song: Dinle

Final Ranking: 3rd, 121 points