Melfest Strips Down: Benjamin Ingrosso and Loreen go acoustic!

There’s nothing more satisfying than turning up the volume to listen to a classic pop tune, and this year after year, Sweden’s Melodifestivalen delivers the goods. This year was no different, with some serious Swedish pop on offer, although it’s always nice to hear the comforting sounds of an acoustic performance. Two of this year’s artists, Benjamin Ingrosso and Loreen have now both released acoustic renditions of their songs, Good Lovin’ and Statements, respectively, and both do not disappoint.

We’ll start with Benjamin Ingrosso, who performed the song Good Lovin at Melodifestivalen and qualified straight through to the final. His song quickly became one of our personal favourites of the entire competition due to its insanely catchy melody and confident vocals. The acoustic version of the song was released only a few days ago, and a video was released to accompany the song, featuring Benjamin singing his song simply to the piano. Add this to the playlists, asap!

Watch the acoustic version of Good Lovin’ down below:

Former Eurovision winner Loreen returned to Melodifestivalen this year, however didn’t have an easy of a run in comparison to her 2012 participation. She entered the song Statements, which was more of a rock/alternative song compared to Euphoria, which went on to win Eurovision in 2012. Although she didn’t reach the final this year, much to the surprise of many viewers, her song Statements still has a strong following. The acoustic version once again shows off Loreen’s signature vocal sound, which we can never get enough of.

Listen to the acoustic version, and watch a live performance of the acoustic version of Statements below: