2015 Reviews – Belarus – Uzari & Maimuna – Time

This year, Belarus used Eurofest as their selection process, and many Eurovision fans were sure that the Alexander Rybak created girl group Milki would push all the competitors aside and represent the nation at Eurovision. However, that was not to be. Instead, Uzari and Maimuna are representing Belarus with the song ‘Time’.

From the national final version, I saw huge potential in the song. It was a bit scratchy at Eurofest, but then again, so were all the other songs. Uzari’s voice is strong, and the song was quite punchy. Since the revamp, the song has lost some of its pop power, but I still really enjoy the song. I’ve heard quite a few comments about whether Maimuna should even be part of the performance, and I really think she, and the violin are integral parts of the song. The fierce violin brings complexity to what could have been just a regular, generic pop song. The lyrics and the melody are easy to pick up, which will work well for them on the night.

There is really strong potential for this to have a stunning performance on the night, so I’m really curious to see how they stage it. I think in the context of the first semi-final, this is probably one of the stronger songs, and I do believe it will be a qualifier. With all that into consideration, I’m going to give the song a 7/10. I wish them the best of luck!

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