2015 Reviews – Denmark – Anti Social Media – The Way You Are

The group Anti Social Media was chosen as the winner of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, and immediately faced criticism from fans across Europe and beyond. As such, I may be the only one in the Eurovision community to say this, but I LOVE this song. I think this is such a fabulously catchy song, and I really don’t understand why people don’t appreciate this!

I think the song has a really consumable chorus, it’s catchy, and it’s cute. It’s also sung by a bunch of cute young guys, and that’s always a plus 1 in my books. I think the live version is energetic and I think their staging from the national final suits the performance. I think it’s quite reminiscent of Denmark 2011, but I honestly think it’s better. I have to completely disagree with the fandom and say that this will qualify, and I will be voting for it.

I don’t have much else to say, other than I really hope this song achieves a respectable result. I’m going to give this song a solid 9/10!

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