2015 Reviews – Australia – Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again

If you are reading this thinking I’m going to be objective about my own country, think again. I’m sorry, I can’t help being biased about this song, especially because it’s the first time Australia will be competing!

Before our artist announcement, I was incredibly nervous. I really wanted a song and an artist which really represent Australia to the best degree, and my friends will remember that I wanted Guy Sebastian right from the start! I couldn’t have been happier with our choice. I think Guy is easily one of our best pop artists, and has been for years and years. His voice, especially on the song Battle Scars is honestly incredible, and his voice is just as good live.

Now to his Eurovision song, Tonight Again. I think this song is ridiculously catchy, and I haven’t yet heard one bad thing about it. Although it’s repetitive and you can kinda tell it was written last minute, you just can’t help but sing along. I think this is a really good song in the sense that televoters will go for it, but also the jury will like it for his vocal performance.

I know there are quite a few Europeans annoyed with our participation, but I think part of that is they feel threatened. Australia takes their participation seriously, and if we do get to come back as a permanent participant, the other European nations will have to lift their game, because we will consistently perform.

I know this will do well. Will it win? I’m not sure, but it will definitely come close. Guy shouldn’t worry about disappointing our country because we are so proud of him! I give this song a 10/10!

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