2015 Reviews – Austria – The Makemakes – I am Yours

Give me a bunch of hipster guys singing a sensitive song and I really am yours. As many of you would know, we have A LOT of slower songs this year, and for many of the countries, it has been hard to stand out amongst the crowd. I think the charming nature of this song will boost its popularity. To me, it’s a song which could be popular outside the Eurovision realm. I could imagine it playing on Australian radio, which is a good sign.

I think the lead singers vocals are on point, even though there are quite a few high parts in the song. I haven’t seen the rehearsal (to try be objective on my judgements) so I’m hoping they have a relaxed feel to their performance, like they did in the national final.

I don’t think this is a threat to the favourites, I think this will end up in the middle pack, which is always more respectable as the host country than ending up last. Overall, I really enjoy this song, and as such I’m going to give it a 7.5/10.

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