2015 Reviews – Italy – Il Volo – Grande Amore

Italy is one of those countries who, since their return, really haven’t put a foot wrong. Their acts have been consistently good (maybe minus Emma’s vocals last year, a bit of a disaster) and this year is no exception. Grande Amore is a killer of a song. So powerful and so captivating. The Italian language make is even more appealing to me, and I think this could be our first non-English winner since Serbia in 2007.

It seems that Il Volo are taking their job seriously as well. Previous Italian artists who participated in Eurovision just went on stage, performed, and then moved on with their lives as if it didn’t happen. These guys are working it on facebook, and it shows that they actually genuinely want to be there.

This is the sentimental favourite amongst fans and I can see it being a massive hit with the juries. I think televoters will get on board, and it will get a fair few 12 points from across Europe. Their vocal performance live is without fault.

These boys are in it for the win. I can 100% see this being in the top 5, if not winning, and I’m totally ok with that. I’m going to give the song a 10/10, I love it!

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