2015 Reviews – Germany – Ann Sophie – Black Smoke

Ann Sophie is one lucky artist. After the dramas in the national final, Ann Sophie was the one who ended up with a ticket to Vienna. She is definitely an energetic singer, and she has a Lena feel about her. Her voice is quite unique, like Lena as well.

When this was first released, I really hated it. I find her voice irritating and I got the feel that everything about the performance was very amateur. It has taken me weeks and weeks to finally get used to it. Now, I’d say that I really enjoy the song, but I still don’t enjoy her voice. If it was sung by another artist, I think I would have enjoyed it more than what I do now.

Again, I haven’t seen the rehearsal, and I’m not really sure what to expect. I don’t think this will make a huge impact on the voters, and I think it will get left behind a bunch of better songs. I’m going to give this song a 4/10.

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