Mishela Rapo for Albania! (JESC)

True to form, Albania had their national final early on in the season – in fact, only days after the Grand Final of Eurovision. Their broadcaster TVSH held a junior version of Festivali I Kenges, where 14 acts took to the stage to decide who would be the nation’s second participant in Junior Eurovision this year.

The festival winner was chosen by a jury, with 2 former Eurovision singers, Olta Boka (2008) and Juliana Pasha (2010) forming part of the jury. Juliana also sung a bit of her Eurovision song, and another former participant Kejsi Tola (2009) also took to the stage to sing her Eurovision song for the interval act.

The jury voting revealed that Mishela Rapo had won the contest with her song Dambaje, but only time will tell if Mishela will better their debut result, which was 12th place in the 2012 contest, with Igzidora Gjeta as the young artist.

You can listen to her song below (We’re sorry for the sound quality!):

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