#Discover Junior Eurovision 2015!

It’s that time of year where we hop onto the Junior Eurovision train, and although we are a bit behind for 2015 (you can read why here) we are dedicated to bring you the news from the junior contest as well, especially while regular adult Eurovision is a bit slow.

Before recapping on the news in our following posts, let’s look at where we are at right now, and how we got here….

Last year, Italy debuted at Junior Eurovision with the talented Vincenzo – not only was he a little cutie with a big voice, but he was the only male performer in 2014, which played to his advantage. His win meant that Italy had the right to accept or refuse the hosting duty, which unfortunately, they did eventually choose to refuse. Nevertheless, the show must go on, and then we waited and waited to hear which country would host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Two bids were put forward to the EBU, one being from second place Bulgaria, and also from 2014 host Malta, who enjoyed it so much the first time they wanted to do it again! It was announced early this year that it is in fact Bulgaria who will host the contest, so just like Malta in 2014, Bulgaria will be hosting their first Eurovision – across both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision.

As details began surfacing, we began to get a better picture of what Bulgaria aims to do. The host city will be Sofia, and the Arena Armeec chosen as the host venue. The date will be the 21st of November, meaning that there’s only a few months of preparations left before the big show!

Arena Armeec, our destination for JESC!

The theme and logo for the year have also been released in recent months, with the catchphrase of the year being ‘#Discover’ and the logo (posted below) being a dandelion being blown, which attempts to represent children as the ‘seeds of the future; venturing out from the safety of tradition to explore and discover a new future for themselves and for us all’ (-Viara Ankova, Director General of BNT).


Things are also looking promising on the participation front. For many years, Junior Eurovision has struggled to get the participation numbers strong enough to ensure their future, however things seem to be improving. Last year, a number of new nations debuted, including winners Italy, and this year we have so far, 15 confirmed participants, including a debut from Ireland, and returns from Albania and Macedonia. There is also news floating around that Spain may make a return, but also that Australia may have the opportunity to participate, as they did in Eurovision 2015. SBS has not yet confirmed this, but hopefully, we will see a few more latecomers to the party!

And that brings us to our news of all the young participants and their selections, which we will cover country by country in the very near future, so stay tuned!