Will Måns Host Eurovision 2016?

The winner of Eurovision 2015 has been rumoured as one of the potential candidates for hosting the contest in Stockholm next year, and these rumours seem to be turning into reality. According to a popular Swedish news outlet, a deal between SVT and Måns has been made, and he will reportedly have a major role in the contest, which definitely suggests that he will be one of, or the only host of the contest.

It is still unknown whether he will be alone, like Petra Mede in 2013, or whether he will be joined by others. Names still in the mix are Petra again, as well as Sanna Nielsen and Gina Dirawi.

Måns has had plenty of previous experience as a host. He has previously fronted Melodifestivalen, back in 2010, and the junior version back in 2007. He was also a regular host on Allsång på Skansen from 2011 to 2013.

Here is Petra Mede, who hosted Eurovision 2013 in the interval act: