Melodifestivalen tour cities announced

For the last 14 years, Sweden’s Melodifestivalen has been a cultural staple for the nation. It is so popular that its ratings outdo the ratings for Eurovision itself! It’s not only an entertainment program, but a music festival for the cities which are involved each year.

The 2016 tour will kick off in Gothenburg, then the next three semi-finals will be held in Malmö, Norrköping and Gävle respectively, and will then head to Halmstad for the second chance round, and finish off in Stockholm at Friends Arena. Halmstad has never hosted Melodifestivalen, and SVT are excited to travel to new cities to bring the contest to new audiences.

Eurovision fans have been on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter trying to cryptically work out who will be a part of Melodifestivalen in 2016. One of the 28 acts has already been announced as the group Smajling Swedes, who are a young and exciting band who will bring their musical style to the Melodifestivalen stage in 2016. Other rumoured acts include Dinah Nah, Robin Stjernberg, Eric Saade, Linus Svenning, Danny Saucedo and Ace Wilder, many of which have been pictured recording new songs in the studio – potentially the next Eurovision winner?

Who would you like to represent Sweden in 2016?