Bosnia & Herzegovina is back with Dalal, Deen and Ana!

After a three year absence at the contest, Bosnia & Herzegovina is back at the contest, and have promptly chosen their representatives for the 2016 contest. It has been announced that Dalal Midhat Talakic, Fuad Backovic – Deen and Ana Rucner have been internally selected to represent the returning nation. Speaking of returns, this will be Deen’s second performance at Eurovision, with the first being in 2004 with the song In the Disco. Dalal and Deen are both well-known singers within Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ana Rucner is a well known Croatian cellist.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s participation was made possible due to sponsorship, as financial issues had been stated as the reason they had not participated for the previous 3 years. Nevertheless, the nation is back with a bang, hoping to better their results from their previous attempts.

The song that the trio will be performing at Eurovision will be revealed during a televised special in February 2016. The song has been written by Almir Ajanovic and Jasmin Fazlic Jala.