Kaliopi to Return for F.Y.R Macedonia in 2016!

Late last month, news from F.Y.R Macedonia was that the 2012 representative Kaliopi will be returning to the Eurovision stage in 2016. The Macedonian national broadcaster MKRTV has stated that the popular singer will be presenting her song for Stockholm in a televised special at the end of February next year. The song she will sing in Sweden will be co-written by Romeo Grill, who also wrote her previous Eurovision entry as well as a number of her popular songs.

Kaliopi has had a long and successful music career which began when she was young. Other than singing, composing and writing songs for ballet, theatre and films, she is active in humanitarian work.

Eurovision fans will know and love her for her 2012 performance in Baku. Her song was called Crno I belo, which qualified into the final, and ultimately led her into a respectable 13th place in the final with 71 points.

Here is her 2012 performance in Baku: