Belarus Chooses IVAN with Help You Fly!

This year, official broadcaster of Belarus continued the tradition to choose the Belarussian representative through Eurosong. Ten songs were in the running to win the opportunity to sing in Stockholm in May, and these were:

  • IVAN – Help you fly

  • Napoli – My Universe

  • Kirill Ermakov – Running to the Sun

  • NAVI – Гэта зямля (This Land)

  • Aleksey Gross – Flame

  • Anastasia Malashkevich – Pray for Love

  • THE EM – Turn around

  • Valeria Sadovskaya – Not Alone

  • Radiovolna – Radiowave

  • Sasha Zakharik – Glory Night

These acts were chosen by an expert jury during live auditions last year, however during the final, it was 100% televote to decide the winner. The voting was displayed on screen, and it was revealed that IVAN had scored the top of 12 points, meaning that he would be the Belarussian representative for 2016.

The song Help You Fly was composed and produced by Victor Drobysh and the lyrics were written by Mary Applegate, the duo known for writing the 2005 Russian entry of Nobody Hurt No One and the 2012 Russian entry, Party for Everybody.

The show was presented by the 2014 Belarussian representative Teo and his wife Olga Ryzhikova. They began the show with a duet, and Uzari then wished all the participants good luck for the night. During the interval, performances from Alyona Lanskaya, Gunesh, Sasha Nemo and Kattie all performed.

Listen to Help You Fly here: